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Polish first line of innovative biodermocosmetics - Revitacell expands by 7 highly specialized products. All contain NHAC Biocervin MIC-1 - an innovative ingredient, made on the basis of the MIC-1 stem cells.
Stem cells MIC-1 is one of the most important Polish biotechnological discoveries of recent years. Scientists from Wroclaw laboratory after years of research managed and patented to culture a stable line of these cells and prove that these are stem cells of enormous regenerative potential. Then they developed a unique complex of active - raw material NHAC Biocervin MIC-1.
NHAC Biocervin MIC-1 assignment in INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). 
At the begining there was a three treatments - Revitacell Stem Cells Hair Theraphy, Revitacell Stem Cells Face Theraphy and Revitacell Stem Cells Eyelashes Theraphy. Now you can buy seven new highly specialized products: Revitacell Stem Cells Regenerating Cream-Serum DAY, Revitacell Stem Cells Regenerating & Nourishing Cream - Serum NIGHT, Revitacell Stem Cells Eye Zone Regenerating Concentrate, Revitacell Stem Cells Regenerating Face Balm For Men, Revitacell Stem Cells Bust Set, Revitacell Stem Cells Hand Set, Revitacell Stem Cells Face Set.

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