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Basic informations about the company

Stem Cells Spin S.A. is the biotechnology company formed in 2009 by scientists of Wroclaw Medical University.

Aim of the company is the commercialization of discoveries connected with own invention pertaining to derivation, culture and application of MIC-1 stem cells and derivatives.

Stem Cells Spin S.A. developed and implemented unique on a global scale methods of the MIC-1 stem cells culture and production of the originating from the MIC-1 stem cells natural (neither chemically nor genetically modified) biological substances with remarkable human and animal tissue regenerative potential.

The carried research showed prospects for application in human and veterinary medicine and dermocosmetics. Among the most important undertakings carried by the company are research programs on innovative biological medications.
Stem Cells Spin S.A.
ul. Teofila Lenartowicza 6, 51-140 Wroclaw
tel +48 71 326 54 07 / fax +48 71 735 93 47
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