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                     Wroclaw: the discovery will lead scientists to a breakthrough in regenerative medicine?
                     Researchers from Wroclaw made a breakthrough discovery in dermatology
                     Wroclaw scientists breakthrough discovery
                     Wroclaw: specimens of cells from deer antlers
                     Wroclaw: A unique discovery in the field of stem cell
                     Deer antlers good for wrinkles
                     They discovered stem cells in deer antlers
                     Stem Cells Spin company debut on NewConnect market
                     Stem Cells Spin company debut on NewConnect
                     The first record stem Cells Spin company on NewConnect market.
                     NewConnect: Debut Stem Cells Spin company - 24.08.2011 r.
                     Stem Cells Spin will conquer the biotechnology market.
                     What antlers may
                     Commercialization of research, from invention to implementation.
                     Stem Cells Spin is planing to invest
                     Stem Cells Spin enters NewConnect
                     WDM Group modifies their expansion strategy
                     WDM group and Wroclaw Medical University are investing in biotechnology

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                     Next success of the Revitacell line!
                     7 new products!!!
                     New Zelaland patent for Stem Cells Spin Company.
                     Stem Cells Spin SA in possession of certificates: ISO 9001:2009 and 22716:2007.
                     Revitacell theraphy are already in sale!
                     The new patent - Korea!
                     Discovery of the Stem Cells Spin Company patented in the Europe.
                     The new patent - Australia!
                     Discovery of the Stem Cells Spin Company patented in the USA
                     Stem Cells Spin closer to the main floor WSE
                     Scientific unique protected by patents
                     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
                     The contract for the provision of consulting services the implementation GMP according to the standards of pharmaceutical law.
                     Stem Cells Spin company debut on NewConnect

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                     Press conference - Stem Cells Spin S.A. - 8 December 2011
                     Photos of the Stem Cells Spin company debut on the NewConnect market
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                     Janisław Muszyński - President of the Board
                     Pictures of Scientists
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                     Promotional video - Stem Cells Spin S.A.


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