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Heretofore undertaken research projects connected with substances originating from the MIC-1 stem cells showed many potential, business inspiring, applications – especially in human and veterinary medicine and dermocosmetics. The strategy of commercialization of inventions owned by Stem Cells Spin takes into account products possible to be obtained both in short time horizon (dermocosmetic market and dietary supplements, biomaterials) and in long time horizon (medicinal products)
Use in medicine 
Within the area of use in human and veterinary medicine, the company is undertaking several research programs, within which are projects being developed and regarding innovative biopharmaceuticals and biotechnological substances (semi-finished products) at various preparatory stages before pre-clinical tests. 
In the case of research programs concerning two medications (which ultimately may have equivalents both in human and veterinary medicine) and the biotechnological substance which may be a semi-finished product (raw material), the obtained results of own research stage allow to commence formulation and pre-clinical tests. The assumption concerning conducting simultaneous work on the end form and the raw material gives a chance to ensure income in the long time period having been related to introduction of medications as well as in the short time period by discounting profits within frames of cooperation with external pharmaceutical company (raw material sale).
Some of selected research programs being carried out by the company: 
biotechnological substance in the form of raw material (semi-finished product), 
medication for regeneration of tendons, 
medication for hard-to-heal wounds, 
medication for regeneration of the cornea, 
medication for regeneration of the bones, 
medication for regeneration of the cartilages of articular surfaces, 
medication for regeneration of nerve tissues, 
medication for regeneration of muscular tissues, 
preparation for hair growth stimulation. 
Use in dermocosmetics
With regards to dermocosmetics, company is carrying out advanced works concerning attainment of necessary tests and applications whose purpose is to introduce dermocosmetic products into the market. Company takes under consideration both selling final products as well as cosmetic substance (cosmetic material).
Use in dietary supplements
With regards to dietary supplements, a project is being conducted whose purpose is to extend the company’s product portfolio by the dietary supplements, allowing for entering into the prospective Novel Food sector.
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