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The scientists who are the authors of inventions connected with derivation, culture and application of MIC-1 stem cells and their derivates:

Prof. dr hab. Marek Bochnia

Marek Bochnia – graduated from The Faculty of Medicine of the Wrocław Medical University in 1975 r. In years 1978-1981 he obtained I and II degree of specialization in Clinic of Otolaryngology.
He took a doctor's degree in 1980  and in 2002 he acquired the academic degree of habilitated doctor. Since 2007 he has been the associate professor.
He connected his professional career to the  medicine and scientific research.
Since 1976 he has been employed in the Wrocław Medical University, in  Clinic of Otolaryngology. Since 2008 he has been the head of Department of Otolaryngology in the Wrocław Medical University.
In the years 1988 – 1990 he worked as as specialist otolaryngologist in the Polish Medical Team in Libya, in Ibn   Senna Hospital.
In the years 2002-2004 he was a press spokesman of the Wrocław Medical University.

dr hab. Marek Cegielski
Marek Cegielski – is a 1978 graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Following the graduation, he commenced work in the Department of Histology and Embryology, Wrocław Medical University   having held the position in science and technology in the Electron Microscopy Laboratory. He earned his PhD in Veterinary Medicine in June 1988 having completed his doctoral dissertation, titled: „Electron microscopic studies of the selected antibiotics influence on secretory cells in the mammary gland during the period of lactation”.
He is an author and co-author of a textbook, review papers, monograph and 68 publications, most of which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and also numerous reports on congresses and scientific conferences. He is a co-inventor of 5 national and 2 international antlerogenic stem cells patents.
In May 2011 he was awarded the second level doctorate, habilitation, for the dissertation, titled: „Characteristics of antlerogenic mesenchymal cells of growing antlers of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) and an aim to use them for cartilage and bone regeneration in rabbits”. His dissertation concerns the issues of the very dynamically evolving field of medicine – the Regenerative Medicine, which holds the promise of regenerating tissues and organs with the involvement of stem cells, and is one of the most important fields of research in Poland and around the world.
Today, he is the Assistant Professor in the  Department of Histology and Embryology, Wrocław Medical University, and also the Vice-President of the Stem Cells Spin S.A.

dr hab. Ireneusz Całkosiński
Ireneusz Całkosiński – graduated from The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences in 1976. He acquired the doctor title in 1982; he habilitated in 2008 r.
Professionally connected to the Department of Medical Biochemistry of the Wrocław Medical University, where he was the head of experimental laboratory for many years. He cooperates with the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics of IV Military Research and Teaching Hospital in Wrocław. He undertook numerous  apprenticeships and trainings, among others in the Institute of Marine and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia, Department of Pharmacology of Kraków Medical University, Institute of Biogenic Amines in Łódź.
He conducted and participated in many research projects at the Wrocław Medical University. He is a co-author of 3 patent applications (including 1 international) related to the application of inhibitors of cysteine peptidases to eliminate those enzymes from the circulation during neoplastic and  inflammatory diseases. The other 3 patent applications (including 1 international) are related to the isolation, culture and application of MIC-1 cell lines.

dr Wojciech Dziewiszek

Wojciech Dziewiszek – graduated from The Faculty of Medicine of the Wroclaw Medical University in 1983.  In 1987 he acquired I degree of specialization in Otolaryngology in the Wrocław Medical University Teaching Hospital.
He took a doctor's degree in 2000.
He established his professional career in the Department of Pharmacology of Wrocław Medical University, where he has been working since 1985, currently being an adjunct.
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