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The company goal and operations

The company goal and operations 
The goal of Stem Cells Spin is commercialization of innovative inventions connected with the MIC-1 stem cells and pertaining to the MIC-1 stem cells and derivatives culture, derivation and application. 
The basic range of the company operations include: 
  • MIC-1 stem cells culture; 
  • Production of substances which are derivatives of MIC-1 stem cells; 
  • Research and development operations on culture technology of the MIC-1 and produced substances originating from the MIC-1 stem cells; 
  • Researching the properties and potential areas of application of the produced biotechnological substances; 
  • Development of products and procedures of their application tests and registration; 
  • Sale of manufactured products and biotechnological substances. 
The base for the above mentioned activities is culture (production) of the MIC-1 stem cells, and the final result is to sell medications and other products using active substances derived from them – this is shown in the figure below: 
Due to the safety standards, culture of the MIC-1 stem cells and production of substances originating from the MIC-1 stem cells are realized only „in house” (it pertains to the research and production processes). However, having business efficiency in mind, tasks requiring specialist equipment and unique competencies are outsourced to the already verified external entities, within the frames of strictly defined and controlled by competent workers tasks. The above management model allows for focusing of the resources on the most important purposes. 
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