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Stem Cells Spin S.A. is a biotechnology company created in 2009. by researchers at the Medical Academy in Wroclaw.

The aim of the company is commercialization of discoveries related with possessed the invention on output, farming and the use of stem cells of symbol MIC-1 and derived substances.

Stem Cells Spin S.A. developed and implemented globally unique method farming the stem cells MIC-1 culture and production, based on them, natural (not chemically or genetically modified) biological substances with unusual,  humans and animals, tissues regenerative potential.

The study showed the possibility of applications in human and veterinary medicine and dermocosmetics. Among the most important work undertaken by the Company are the research programs on innovative biological medicines.
Stem Cells Spin S.A.
ul. Teofila Lenartowicza 6, 51-140 Wroclaw
tel +48 71 326 54 07 / fax +48 71 735 93 47
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